Jiangsu Youquan Technology Development Co., Ltd.

        In September 2019, based on the common ideal of "making people live safer, healthier and better", Nanjing Honest International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Youquan Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly established Jiangsu Youquan Technology Development Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as the company) which is the main professional company of "Operation and Maintenance Service of Food Safety Intelligence Management Platform" in Nanjing.
           The company uses "Internet +" modern information technology, actively innovating, and strive to build the leading domestic food safety intelligent supervision system, providing more efficient operation and management for enterprises, providing more effective industry supervision for the administrative departments, and providing a more comprehensive and comprehensive supervision of the whole process of services for all consumers in a more precise and dynamic way. The effective and intelligent operation of food safety supervision has been realized.